Sidi el Yamani Market - Asilah

There are several weekly markets that take place in and around Asilah. Market traders and village farmers come together to sell their wide variety of goods, including fresh fruit and vegetables, poultry, household goods, clothes, second-hand furniture and much much more. A visit to one of these markets is a great way experience normal Moroccan life.

Asilah’s market is held every Thursday just outside the town. It is a large and sprawling market which is attended by many of Asilah’s residents, as well as those from the surrounding villages. To get to the market follow the N1 south from Asilah (direction Rabat) for 3.5 km. A petit taxi here costs about 10 Dh. Map

 Another popular market is the Monday market at Sidi El Yamani. Located about 20 km from Asilah, this market draws visitors from far and wide. Combining a visit to this market with a trip to the Mzoura stone circle makes a great day trip. A taxi for the excursion should cost around 250 – 300 Dh Map

Entrance to the Monday Market at Sidi el Yamani

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