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A Visit to Tetouan

Tétouan, a former Spanish protectorate, is less than 100 km from Asilah. The city is one of the country’s most important ports and, as well as spectacular views overRead more

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A Walking Tour of Tangier

Many people who visit Asilah pass through Tangier, arriving either by plane, ferry or bus.  However, few spare the time to discover the once cosmopolitan and vibrant city alsoRead more

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Weekly Markets

There are several weekly markets that take place in and around Asilah. Market traders and village farmers come together to sell their wide variety of goods, including fresh fruitRead more

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Asilah Medina

Asilah Medina (old town) is famed for being one of the cleanest in Morocco. Encompassed by an ancient wall, built by the Portuguese in the 15th century, its blue and whiteRead more

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