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featured Christina's House

Christina’s House

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Rue Ibn Khatib 26, Asilah, Morocco

Christina’s House is a popular guest house located in the centre of Asilah. It has been running for seven years and has a wide range of accommodation available, from single Read More →

featured Casa Garcia - Restaurant - Asilah Info (10)

Casa Garcia

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Avenue Prince Heritier et Mellilal, Asilah, Morocco

Casa Garcia is one of Asilah’s most popular restaurants. It serves Spanish cuisine, including fish, seafood and paella.

The restaurant, which has been open for more that 35 years, moved to new Read More →

featured Restaurant Le Perle, Asilah, Morocco

La Perle

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Rue Allal Ben Abd Allah, Asilah, Morocco

Restaurant La Perle D’Assilah although open less than 2 years has quickly established itself as a favorite dining place for locals, tourists and business clients alike.
It is Chef/Patronne run Read More →

featured Afriquia Beach

Afriquia Beach

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RN1 KM 3 Asilah

Afriquia Beach  is located 3 km north of Asilah and is accessed by the Afriquia petrol station through the Village de Vacances L’Ocean.


Very close to Asilah
Easily accessed by Read More →

featured Nos Nos - Holiday House - Medina - Asilah Info (7)

Nos Nos

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Avenue Mohamed El Hassani, Asilah, Morocco

Nos Nos is a large and spacious holiday house in the medina available to rent throughout the year. It has an indoor-meets-outdoor feel with a large, covered terrace which is Read More →

Dar Tsaratanana - House to Rent - Medina - Asilah Info (32)

Dar Tsaratanana

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Medina, Asilah, Morocco

Dar Tsaratana is one of the most charming medina houses in Asilah. Located next to the cultural palace (Raissouni Palace) and in-front of the ocean, its prime position mean that Read More →


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