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A directory of houses and apartments to rent in Asilah.

Chez Mounir

Chez Mounir

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Sidi Mugait, Asilah

Chez Mounir is one of the most exclusive locations on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Set above a stunning, deserted beach is has a beach cafe, bungalows, and a house to rent.


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Dejavu - house to rent in Asilah medina


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39 rue Sidi Ben Mansour, Asilah

4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, patio, terrace. Max occupancy: 8 persons.

Beautiful fully furnished house, facing the ocean in the quiet and clean Asilah’s Medina.

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Dar Salaam

Dar Salaam

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Medina, Asilah, Morocco

Dar Salaam is a traditional Moroccan style house with modern facilities, which has been divided into two apartments. Located at the heart of the Asilah medina, this house benefits from Read More →


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