Chez Mounir is one of the most exclusive locations on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Set above a stunning, deserted beach is has a beach cafe, bungalows, and a house to rent.


The cafe is open everyday during the summer months serving cold drinks and lunches (fresh fish, salads, fruit). Built in the traditional rural style using bamboo, the cafe has amazing views over the beach and to the glittering ocean beyond.


The bungalows are also built in bamboo and give guests the chance to experience a night on the beach in a rustic yet comfortable setting. Accommodation for individuals, couples or groups.


The house is set back from the cafe and has four bedrooms, kitchen and salon. The balconies provide views over the ocean and the house incorporates many antique features. Accommodation is available in 4 rooms for up to 8 people.


To get to Chez Mounir take a taxi or drive to Sidi Mugait beach and then walk 15 minutes south along the coast. For more information call Mounir on +212 (0) 661 285 223