Asilah’s annual arts and cultural festival will start on June 21st and continue for two weeks. This year the host country is Qatar. You can find download the programme in Arabic or in French/English/Spanish. More information about the history of the festival can be found here. Videos and photos from last years events can be found on the official website.

This year’s festival will include musical performances by Mac Show-Band from Senegal, a Spanish flamenco group featuring artist Mariana Collado and a Portuguese Fado group, as well as Moroccan Andalusian music groups. There will also be a prize awarded to the Arabic novelist, Ahmed El Madini and artists from around the world will be holding workshops on fine arts, painting and engraving. (see more…)

The most accessible part of the festival are the murals painted by the invited artists on the walls of the medina. These works of art, which change every summer, add colour and life to the white walls of the medina houses. Photographs of the 2012 murals in the medina can be found here.


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