Khanfous Retreat, a B&B during the summer months, is available to rent during the winter months (Oct 2012 – April 2013).

This house is ideal for anyone looking to escape to the country for a few months (up to 6) and spend some time in a rural, tranquil environment. The house benefits from stunning views of the ocean and the sunsets are spectacular.

It was built in 2012, using traditional techniques and locally sourced materials. It has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large open-plan kitchen-dining-living area. Outside there are gardens, where plants, fruit, herbs and vegetables will be grown. The kitchen is fully equipped with a gas stove, fridge, etc. However there is no oven. The house has water (pumped from a well) and electricity and there is a wood burner for heating. You will have the house to yourself, apart from our guardian who will visit regularly to check on the house and gardens.

It’s located in the village of Bni Meslem, which is 15 km south of Asilah. The area is rural and the village is surrounded by hills and overlooks the ocean. The house is located at the centre of the village, in front of the public well. Every morning you will see the local villagers come to the well with their donkeys and mules to collect water for the day. Throughout the day cattle, sheep, goats and people pass by the house on their way in to the fields and in the evening you can see the light from fires in the bread ovens. In general, apart from some animal noises, it is very quiet and peaceful.

Important Information:

  • There are NO SHOPS in the village. This means that all supplies (food, gas bottles, water, etc) must be brought in from Asilah or the near-by village Mujlaw. The closest shops are located in Mujlaw (on the main road 3 km from Bni Meslem). In Mujlaw there is one shop where you can get basic supplies. Asilah is the closest town. To get to Asilah from the village their are ‘shared taxis’ which pass by the main road (3 km from the village) throughout the day and cost 7 Dh per person (they take up to 6 passengers).
  • It’s difficult to get to. The village is located at the end of a 3 km dirt track. If it rains, it can be very difficult to drive down this road, even in a 4×4 vehicle. If you are interested in renting this house, you must be prepared to walk from the main road to the village, or alternatively rent a donkey!
  • There is NO MOBILE PHONE COVERAGE in the village – to get a signal you have to walk about 1 km. There is also NO INTERNET nor fixed line phone.

This house would suit and “outdoors” person who enjoys nature and doesn’t mind getting muddy and being disconnected from the modern world.

Email for more information.

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