Asilah is located on the stunning Atlantic coast of Morocco, making it a great destination for a beach holiday. There are many beaches to choose from both to the north and south of Asilah in addition to the beaches located in the town. However, with so much variety, deciding which beach to go to can be tricky. The main differentiators between the beaches are there distances from Asilah and how easy they are to reach.

The main beach in Asilah

Quiet most of the year, but very busy during July & August.

The main Town Beach is the most obvious choice. Located at the end of the promenade this is a large and spacious beach that is a walkable distance from the center. However, owing to its central location this beach is very popular with both tourists and locals, becoming very busy in the peak summer months.

Medina Beach, Asilah

Centrally located just next to the Medina.

Also in Asilah are the Medina Beach and the Port Beach, both of which are small but great for impatient children who can’t wait to splash around. The water is usually quite calm here and they’re perfect for a quick dip, but if you’re looking for privacy it’s better to head out of town.

Rmilate Beach, Asilah

Rmilate Beach – also known as Paradise Beach or Playa de las Cuevas.

Rmilate Beach (also Paradise Beach or Playa de las Cuevas) is probably the most famous beach, well known for its tranquillity and laid-back atmosphere. Located in bay at the end of a long dirt track, it is not the easiest beach to access. A 4×4 is the most practical and comfortable way to get here, however, horse and cart is another way. Costing around 150 Dh for a return trip it takes around 40 minutes and is quite bumpy. The driver and horse will usually wait on the beach for you as long as you like. Shared taxis are also available on Hassan II, just past the market, costing around 20 Dh per person. In the peak summer months there is a long line of café shacks serving cold drinks, freshly grilled sardines and delicious fish tagines.

Afriquia Beach, Asilah

A great beach, close to Asilah but away from the crowds.

Afriquia Beach is an easier to access alternative. Located just 3 km north of Asilah and accessed via the Afriquia petrol station, it is far enough from the center to be relatively quiet. Walk through the Village de Vacances L’Ocean to get to the beach. There is a café here serving freshly grilled fish and meat dishes and sun loungers are available to hire (40 Dh for two).

Briech Beach, Asilah

Just 10 minutes north of Asilah discover this beautiful beach with stunning sunsets.

Briech Beach is another beach with easy access, just a little further north, which you can drive straight to (or take a taxi). The beach is wide and open and rarely gets too busy. However, builders have recently started taking sand from this beach for construction, so it doesn’t look as pretty as it did before. Although, it’s a beautiful sunset spot and there is a café open during the peak summer months. Best to avoid it on windy days.

Tad Haddart Beach, Asilah

Tad Haddart Beach is a fun beach with pedalos and stunning turquoise water.

Another interesting beach to visit is Tahadart Beach. Located just off the N1 (direction Tangier) it is a long white sandy beach at a river mouth where the water is a stunning turquoise color. Pedal boats are often available and there is a great grill restaurant across the road. Be careful with kids, the current can be quite strong.


Moroccans, and especially those in Asilah, are very used to seeing western tourists on their beaches. There are no specific rules about what you can and can’t wear, however, female visitors are advised to cover up more on the central busy beaches to avoid being hassled by males unused to seeing women in bikinis. The beaches further away from Asilah tend to be much more relaxed and most tourists sunbathe in bikinis without any problems.

Facilities and cleanliness

The peak summer months are considered to be July and August. This means that many of the beach cafes are not permitted to open before.

The beaches are usually cleaned at the end of June, so if you visit before you will see some rubbish that has washed up onto the shore. However, it shouldn’t stop you visiting them.

Basic toilet facilities are available on most of the beaches during the peak season.


Life guards are usually present on the central beaches during the peak summer months. Swimmers are advised to enter with caution as there are strong under currents on many of the beaches. The general rule is to not go out of your depth.